What we can do for you?

Experts International Recruitment Services (EIRS) takes an innovative and proactive approach to servicing its stakeholders. A dedicated research team closely monitors market and industry trends and provides the findings to the recruitment team to enables EIRS to stay ahead of the competition by sourcing candidates to meet forecasted demand in the following ways:

EIRS has served many companies on the growth path by taking their burden of hiring employees. It also provides a quick start to companies that are in the formation stage, helping to reduce their time, efforts and financial to market by deploying contract staff for their on-ground operations. Moreover, EIRS Outsourcing is the service of choice for more than 200 companies in the region. Here are some ways EIRS serves you so you can focus on your core business activities: • Providing you staff on contractual or permanent basis • Taking responsibility to manage employees’ salaries, and other employment benefits like, medical insurance, end-of service, annual leaves and airfare. • Getting them on board on EIRS sponsorship and provide a trail period.

EIRS licensed by the official authorities to provide Human Resources service in the UAE. As one of main objective to deliver the right candidates to our clients and promote the human capital factor in line with their expectation. EIRS is conducting such service under its direct hiring services to all client in the UAE and the area, with a resource base of over 500,000 professionals from 50 countries

We consider our Direct Hire Process Map one of unique process been used to identified clients requirement with the prospective candidate. In addition, EIRS provide high level of coaching for all job categories under the direct placement service. Every candidate undergoes a comprehensive consultancy via our exclusive Account Management System to ensure complete satisfaction from the selection to the hiring process. We also offer trail period to show our clients that their satisfaction is our foremost priority.

EIRS undertakes specific Overseas Recruitment Campaigns, for its clients to acquire the best talent from other countries in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, Central Asia, South Asia and Far East. Our associates in these countries have diverse experience in recruiting from their local markets, and employ the Applicant Screening Matrix to shortlist potential candidates. Once the final selection is conducted along with the client, based on a thorough job specific Interview Matrix, EIRS then proceeds with document verification, background checks and relocation of the candidate.

EIRS understands how businesses can be adversely affected by temporary employee leaves or unexpected increase in workload. That is why, many companies are leveraging our services to gain access to talent and adjust their workforce based on the cyclical needs of their business. By supplying human resources on a contract basis, which may be renewed based on employment conditions, EIRS ensures that your business continues to run at its peak.

With associates in over 50 countries (including India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia and Vietnam), we have access to an unlimited supply of semi-skilled and skilled workforce, be it contingent, permanent or on contractual basis. From food, accommodation, transportation, to medical insurance, work compensation insurance, third party insurance and many more. We make sure our clients’ manpower supply needs are met with absolute efficiency.

EIRS is keen on building a national database of UAE talent for the numerous opportunities in the market today. For this, we have a very skillful set of Emiratization consultants on board, who can provide training, focus to the local talent, and connect them to great opportunities within both the government and the private sector.

From Professional Resume writing to candidate’s grooming and interview preparation, EIRS works efficiently to double the chances of their candidates to land them a suitable role. Also the candidate gets access to over 12000 published and unpublished jobs in the Middle East.

EIRS has a network of contacts developed over years of relationship building, which supplement the executive search protocol involved in seeking recommendations and tracking high performance individuals with complete confidentiality.

EIRS also supports clients by managing their day-to-day transactional activity in some and not limited to:

• Candidate’s assessment
• Administration, Management, HR, Pay-rolling Service
• Immigration processing for any kind of visa (Visit, Mission, Employment & Resident Visa) upon the client request.
• Flight arrangement for overseas recruits.
• Accommodation for overseas recruitment and local assistance after arrival.
• Ministry of Labor processing for any kind of work Permit
(temporary & permanent work permit)
• Processing Health Insurance upon the client’s needs
• Work Compensation Insurance
• EIRS Quarterly Evaluation process